What might have been or wasn’t might be a better way of stating it. 2018 came in on a dark note and I was scrambling to quiet and calm my mind. Anyway, what a great year except for the obvious “stain” on our Nation (USA), oh well, isn’t that what cigars are for? [footnote]Photo Above: Jamie Bosworth, Photographer[/footnote]

On top of that, I was successful at following my declaration of “I don’t work for FREE anymore”. I just feel sorry for those who are unaware of the reasons behind this and who unfortunately called upon me to be their “creative bitch” (Asian-Coolie). Not working for FREE also means that I am accepting our work relationship because you realize that I am High-Level creative talent, if you have any other ideas less than that, we’re not a good fit.

Cigars Just Make Life Easier. Nothing Bothers Me When I’m Smoking a Cigar

When I reflect on 2018 and what might have been, I’m thinking of all the cigars I didn’t get around to smoking. I remember back in February when I re-engaged with this cigar hobby and was almost overwhelmed by all the new cigars and blenders new to me since 20-years ago. Like any good marketer or psychologist would guess, I gravitated toward my old tried-and-true smokes of yesteryear and started up again with the old classics from Arturo Fuente (Short Story, Best Story, 8-5-8 Sun Grown, Davidoff, Avo, Montecristo, etc.) it was a safe start. I need to seek out advice.

A Successful Journey

It wasn’t until April that I got my “Cigar-Legs” under me as I started to make my first purchases of these new fandangled “Small Batch” cigars at the recommendation of Cigar Sensei aka Mark Dikeos of Pacific Motorsports who has given me solid advise over the past few months. I can’t wait to return the favor, thank you, Mark.

What shortly followed was a smoking journey to Alec Bradley Cigars, My Father Cigars, Illusione, Drew Estate, Tatuaje, AJ Fernandez, Oliva Cigars, and the list goes on. I think the number of different cigars that I smoked for the first time is around 140 or so since last February or March. Well, after smoking solo for a few months to allow me some time to familiarize myself with the newness of the cigar hobby and all the new nuances, I started to seek Tobacco or Cigar shops that were in Sympatico to my style of communicating and eventually purchasing. No matter how well I think I explained the parameters of my next relationship(s) with tobacco shops, all the store managers would nod their heads like a drinking duck and those relationships never became anything. Lo and behold, a youngster in Jeff Martinez at Sellwood Cigar; he “Gets it”. Bottom-Line, I was looking for a Cigar Provider that was Internet-Literate and Internet-Savvy. Why? Because it is now 2019 and I believe that all communication can be accomplished via the Internet. It’s fast and efficient and the Internet won’t let you hold me hostage to a phone call and vice-versa.

Plus, I have value to you as a customer and especially in combination with the “Puff Sumo” Website and the Social Media I use, when used and optimized correctly. As it stands now, I can leave a text, email or Direct Message with Jeff Martinez and he’ll respond on and at his own time to provide answers that usually result in cigar sales. Too bad for the other Cigar Shops, who fell short of modern (2018) business best practices? Oh well.

Meeting Several “Minds”

Probably one of the most rewarding for this Introvert is meeting other folks who have a genuine passion or similar interest in the cigar hobby as I do. I have met several along the way who are those genuine cigar folks. One recent Cigar “Brother” is Sumo Ralph aka Ralph Larson who expressed an interest to utilize this website, but more importantly who also can articulate about his cigar experience and journeys toward our shared experiences. It’s almost like smoking twice as many cigars, no, not really but close enough to provide enough information that might inspire another cigar for the Sakamoto TupperDor.

I think the next article will follow this same thought about What Might Have Been, but lets talk about the cigars. I’ve had some great cigars to list and some cigars I didn’t have enough time to follow through on and hope to smoke and enjoy in 2019.

Until next time
Stay Chill
Stay Smoky