I had a couple of epiphanies in 2018. One was that I needed to do something to quiet my mind or I was going to find or end up in some kind of trouble. I needed something or activity that was going to take me away from National Current-Events and further nurture my creativity instead. I needed to find a safe environment and avoid Toxic People and Places.

Nothing Bothers Me When I’m Smoking a Cigar

Puff Sumo Website, cigars, 2018 review, 2019 New YearAfter I learned of a past acquaintance who I had helped launch his cellular phone activation company over 20-years ago had taken over the lease of one of the neighborhood Cigar Lounges I was considering … I was “In”; I had a clear path now and I was committed to pursuing this Cigar Hobby now that I had a place to “Nest” and “Incubate”.

It dawned on me as I wrote about earlier (Cigars: My Perfect Companion) that by the nature of what I do (my work), I read a lot and watch a lot of YouTube Videos all of which I could do while enjoying a cigar. Imagine that! Eureka! It’s starting to come together.

The Sakamoto Office At The Chamber at 9900

The Sakamoto Office #2 reinvented where I spend most days reading, learning, and enjoying my new Cigars and Cigar Hobby (I can also be found sometimes at Nedspace in downtown Portland, Oregon). The new Sakamoto Office has been a savior for my mental health in 2018. I can with my hat down, be invisible to those around me, or I can make myself known and welcome conversations when appropriate. One thing is for certain, I’ve found “My Place” (channeling Carlos Castaneda, “The Teachings of Don Juan”) or something very close to it for the time being.

This concept of “A Yaqui Way” I used when training my dog of 15-years “Shig”, a very intelligent standard poodle. When I first received this 6-week old ball of fur, One of the ways he got to identify “His Place” (place to rest, his own spot), was by repeating “Go to Your Place” without showing him. He “Got It” and soon discovered “His Place” on his own, and that’s where he would eventually reside in “His Place” where I eventually placed his bedding. Fortunately for me, he chose a corner in the kitchen that forever became “His”.

I have discovered “My Place” this year (2018). Those who know me, know where to find me in 2019… Daily. Tomorrow’s Part 3. Who along the way…

Stay Chill
Stay Smokey