First, I launched this Website (July), and I’ve managed to have smoked over 138 cigars since February 2018 and documented most of them here on the Puff Sumo Website. This Website was and is intended to be a repository of my Cigar-Accountability (memories) and TupperDor-Inventory and, I welcome ALL others who might see a value in this platform and want to participate along with me… (open source) – Puff Sumo. [footnote]Photo Above: Jamie Bosworth, Photographer[/footnote]

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have guessed that I’m enjoying my return to the Cigar Hobby for many reasons. Mostly, it’s been a meditative activity for me while enjoying the journey for both the cigars and the people I meet along the way.

What a fun and fantastic year 2018 has been. I thought I was going to drive myself crazy until I had a few epiphanies that promoted better mental health for me during these turbulent times as a person of color in Portland, Oregon.

I could say that this awesome cigar hobby has saved me from others and myself; it’s been a great journey so far with new friends, old acquaintances, and many new discoveries that I look forward to continuing into 2019.

What’s Ahead

Simply; more cigars! What I found during my reemergence in the cigar hobby (cigar lifestyle according to Sumo Ralph) was that as soon as I discovered a new cigar, what usually followed was review reading and research on any new cigar that piqued my interest and I was soon collecting notes on what other new cigars I wanted to try soon on down the road. This year, I just ran out of time.

Cigar Sensei has been a good influence by guiding me to the Artisans who carefully create and craft their magical blends of cigar tobacco that will hopefully make me go “Wow!” further igniting a search for “More” while developing my Cigar-Beginner pallet to the joys and nuances of masterful blends of tobacco from the best in the industry that there seems to never be a shortage of. Of course, that means we have those who are less than desirable with some questionable practices that appear to take advantage of the growing cigar industry; more on that in another article. I’m speaking of price gouging… Charge me what it costs to make the cigar that allows you to make a profit, not price the cigar to take advantage of the exciting and growing cigar market.

I Can’t Stop Buying Cigars!

This seemed to by my subconscious thought this mid-summer. One great cigar discovery would seem to lead to another and so on. One of the things that I have to mindful of is the “Cigar Budget”; these things can get expensive. And, further, if you aren’t paying attention, (vetting purchases carefully) you could end up with a bunch of worthless “hay” or “grass-clippings” (euphemism for bad tobacco).

Puff Sumo Website, cigars, 2018 reviewTomorrow’s Part 2, where I’m hanging out. And my “Natural” rhythm that I embrace.

Stay Chill
Stay Smoky