I have been purchasing the Padron Thousand-Series (2,000, 3,000, and 4,000) that I’ve been smoking individually from a local Brick and Mortar cigar shop in Beaverton, Oregon ever since I became seriously curious about them toward the end of last year.

The perplexing thing for me was trying to decipher the nomenclature used to label and name each cigar… that, as soon as I “Got It” hit me on the side-of-the-head like a brick. Of course, this makes sense; each number indicates a different size of the same tobacco blend of Nicaraguan Sun-Grown Maduro and Nicaraguan binder and fillers in the Padron “Thousand” Series.

The other thing that threw me for a loop were the inconsistent flavors and smoking experiences I was getting from the few different ones that I did try. I remember the first one I smoked was the Padron Series 3,000 Natural from the same Brick and Mortar and I remember being nonplused. Hmmm, maybe the Maduro would be more toward my liking…?

Padron Thousand-Series: Almost, But No Cigar?

Padron Cigars, Padron Maduro, Padron Thousand SeriesAfter several tries and purchases of the Padron “Thousand” Series, I finally found one that hit my sweet spot, the Padron 4,000 Maduro. This one made me go “Wow” and caught my interest so much so that I had to have one of my Buds try it as well to vet and confirm my thoughts.

So, in my recent move to try to include smaller sized cigars into my smoking routine, purely for time management (and flavor), I decided to try the Padron 3,000 Maduro Series that resulted in hit-and-miss luck… I couldn’t find any consistency from one cigar to the next as I was purchasing and smoking these on the same day without any rest or TupperDor conditioning. So, were my inconsistent Padron smoking experiences because of the humidor conditions in the Brick and Mortar?

I Commit

Today, several months later, I decide to purchase a 5-pack and let it marinate for a while in the TupperDor… we’ll see what develops.

I have found the Padron “Thousand” Series to be an enjoyable cigar for the most part, and sometimes outstanding; I just hope to be able to crack the code toward making these a consistent smoking cigar for me that I can count on.

Stay Smoky
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