Caldwell Cigar
The King is Dead “Premier” (Robusto) by Caldwell Cigar

Vitola: Premier (Robusto)
Length: 5.5
Gauge: 50

Wrapper: Dominican Negrito
Binder: Dominican Corojo
Filler: Dominican
Factory: Tabacalera William Ventura
Country: Dominican Republic
Purchase Source:
Date Purchased: December 8, 2018
Price: $4.45
Date Smoked: July 26, 2022
Quantity: 13

The King is Dead

COVID-19 Day 856
 Caldwell, Caldwell Cigar, Dominican Negrito, Dominican Republic, The King is Dead Through the cold draw, milk chocolate and leather come to me setting up my expectations with this The King is Dead “Premier” (Robusto) by Caldwell Cigar.

Once lit, natural tobacco flavors come to me on earthy slightly sweet smoke. The retrohale provides some leather that I kinda like.

At the second third, the natural tobacco flavors continue thru a perfect draw; not too loose, not too open… just the correct amount of smoke delivering more chocolate and leather flavors with a smooth leather finish.

At the last third, things are certainly ramping up… just more of everything makes for an earthy mild chocolate and leather delight. The retrohale echos these flavors.

I had a much better smoking experience with this than the recently released “Spawn” of this The King is Dead cigar.

I’m glad I have a small stash of these in the TupperDor!

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COVID-19 Day 745
 Caldwell, Caldwell Cigar, Dominican Negrito, Dominican Republic, The King is Dead Even though I knew I was going to smoke this outside, I’m glad I chose it… Once lit, earthy chocolate, cedar notes, and black pepper come to me as I enjoy the warmth of the fire before me.

I was very content to be able to sit back and enjoy this cigar while visiting with friends today.

I can’t wait to smoke this again.

Until next time
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COVID-19 Day 553
 Caldwell, Caldwell Cigar, Dominican Negrito, Dominican Republic, The King is Dead I’ve been carrying this The King is Dead “Premier” (Robusto) by Caldwell Cigar with me for the past few days hoping for the correct opportunity to smoke it… I haven’t smoked this since 2019… It happened today!

While in conversation with BOTL Steven Beachner… I was able to discern that this is indeed another great cigar from the Caldwell Cigar line of cigars. Once lit, through a perfectly smooth draw, earthy cedar, milk chocolate, and a touch of leather tobacco flavors come to me.

During the second third, the creaminess of this cigar is becoming a point of my enjoyment!

I can’t wait to smoke this again and perhaps I need to purchase a few more to let them rest for the next time.

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 Caldwell, Caldwell Cigar, Dominican Negrito, Dominican Republic, The King is DeadThe King is Dead Premier (Robusto) by Caldwell Cigar is bringing on medium smoke production from a slightly sweetened coffee-flavored tobacco with red pepper coating my tongue for a lasting finish with no spice on the retrohale

I’m trying to determine if there are other flavors that I’m missing here… nothing seems to stand out at this point.

Overall, I’ve been trying to figure this cigar out and so far it’s leaving me kind of nonplused… I can’t find anything that stands out or is exceptional about this cigar.

I may revisit this again in a few months since I have a couple more of these resting in the TupperDor.

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Today I started with Caldwell Cigar’s The King is Dead cigar that had a little pigtail that I picked off and took my very first cold draw of this Caldwell cigar; I was rewarded with a barnyard tobacco aroma that some of you may find… well a little too much like “cow” but in the context of a cigar, it’s a good thing I have found more often than not… good start.

A gentle punch-cut and I’m on my way with lots of dry earthy wood smoke and not much at this point to speak of on the retrohale.

I’m now 30-minutes into this and I’m, only starting the second third; this is a slow cigar. Same, same so far, smooth earthy tobacco flavors with little pepper spice that is starting to coat my tongue for a longer-lasting finish.

I’m almost at the halfway point and I’m getting something sweet in the background that reminds me of almonds is coating my tongue only becoming more pronounced as I smack my lips to try to figure it out; the rest has turned into a creamy smoke that has a very nice aroma, the kind that if I got whiff of, it would stop me to ask what cigar this was.

At the last third, the draw was starting to tighten up so along with the mystery sweetness I was detecting, I decided to straight-cut a couple of snips to see if this would change the outcomes. The body is a medium-full and the strength although not strong is creeping up on me; maybe it’s time to order some food.

I decided at the last third that I was struggling too much with the draw. The draw was getting tighter and my cheeks were getting tired. Time to move on. I think this is a 5-pack worthy cigar. It’s an enjoyable cigar that I wouldn’t mind on the golf course.

I have a few more from the 5-pack I picked, we’ll see if this changes after this has rested a bit more.

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