Alec Bradley Cigars
Superstition No. 13 (Robusto) by Alec Bradley Cigars

Vitola: Robusto
Length: 4.5
Gauge: 50

Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican, and Honduras
Factory: Plasencias Tabacos de Oriente factory, Danlí, Honduras
Country: Dominican Republic
Purchase Source:
Date Purchased: July 27, 2023
Price: $2.50
Date Smoked: September 20, 2023
Quantity: 5

Superstition No. 13 (Robusto) by Alec Bradley Cigars


Today was my first time smoking this Alec Bradley specimen…

At first light, the Superstition No. 13, greeted me with natural tobacco flavors and some peppery spice notes in the background, characteristic of many Nicaragua Habano wrapped cigars. The initial draw reveals a medium-bodied profile, with notes of black pepper, cedar, and a subtle hint of sweetness that lingers on the palate. As you continue to smoke, the blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduras fillers begins to reveal itself, creating a complexity of flavors that dance harmoniously on the taste buds. The retrohale during this stage adds an extra layer of spice, intensifying the overall experience.

Movingn into the second third, the Superstition No. 13 continues to have my attention. The spiciness takes a step back, allowing other flavors to shine through. You’ll notice subte notes of chocolate, espresso, and nuts, adding depth and richness to the smoking journey. The Ecuadorian Sumatra binder wakes up and delivers what I was hoping for and plays a significant role in rounding out the flavors, the leather has arrived. The retrohale in this phase brings back a touch of the peppery spice, intertwining with the nutty and chocolaty notes for a pleasantly balanced retro experience.

In the final third, the Superstition No. 13 reaches its peak, intensifying the complexity and depth of flavors. The chocolate and espresso notes become backdrops to the leather and earthiness that adds to my enjoyment. The retrohale during this stage amplifies the spice, leaving a warm and invigorating sensation.

Overall, the Superstition No. 13 is a captivating and well-balanced cigar, showcasing the artistry of blending and the diverse flavors that can be achieved with carefully selected tobaccos. From the peppery and bold start to the leathery and chocolaty middle, and finally, to the rich and satisfying finish, this cigar offers a truly enjoyable and mysterious smoking experience. So, embrace the Superstition No. 13 with an adventurous spirit and let its complexities transport you into a world of flavor. Enjoy!

Smoke Time: One Hour

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