Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Sobremesa Brûlée by Steve Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Vitola: Toro
Length: 6.0
Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecitcut shade G2BW
Binder: Mexican Matacapan Negro de Temporal
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender/Creator: Steve
Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, S.A.
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source: Steve Saka
Date Purchased: August 15, 2019
Price: Gift
Date Smoked: September 18, 2019
Quantity: 1

Sobremesa Brûlée by Steve Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade, Sobremesa Brûlée, Steve SakaIt’s not too often that you get to meet one of your cigar-heroes and that I did last week when Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust rolled into town for a Cigar Event at one of our local Cigar Shops; Sellwood Cigar in Portland, Oregon.

We reached out to Steve prior to his arrival in Portland to see if he would be interested in joining a couple of us for a “nightcap” or two at the “Sakamoto Office” aka The Chamber at 9900 in Beaverton, Oregon where you can find me most days… He said, “Yes”.

During the course of our conversations, naturally the topic of his new Sobremesa Brûlée came up and just like that, the new cigars were passed around the table. Steve proceeded to naturally talk about this new blend and his intentions for it and along the way had also mentioned that he hadn’t tried the Room 101 Farce Connecticut (representing one of the new “modern” more flavorful and fuller-bodied Connecticut’s in the market)… I was only too happy to present to him the one that I had with me.

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade, Sobremesa Brûlée, Steve SakaTrue to Steve’s words, this was a beautiful Connecticut Cigar none like I’ve had recently. This Connecticut felt great on my lips as opposed to the “paper mache” feel I often get from these Connecticut’s. This one, although milder than the more recent offerings by some cigar manufacturers like the Room 101 Farce Connecticut, was immediately a smooth luxurious smoking cigar that left me smacking my lips with sweetness for the first third or so.

Smoking along, the sweetness faded and I was left with an enjoyable smooth creamy smoking experience for the rest of the way.

At the cigar event the next day, buddy Ralph Larson gifted me with a couple more Sobremesa Connecticut’s in the Robusto size that I have laid down for a while to try again another day.

I can’t wait!

Stay Smoky
Stay Chill

The Experience

Ash: Even
Draw: Perfect
Smoke Output: Medium
Flavor: Creamy
Strength: Mild/Medium
Body: Mild/Medium
Finish: Complex
Value: Good
Overall Rating (1-5): 3

The Cigar

Earthy: 1
Grass/Hay: 2