Illusione Cigars
Rothchildes Connecticut (CT) by Illusione Cigars

Vitola: Rothchildes
Length: 4.5
Gauge: 50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender/Creator: Dion Giolito
Factory: Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A.
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source: Timber Valley Tobacco
Date Purchased: April 28, 2018
Price: $5.75
Date Smoked: December 23, 2020

Rothchildes Connecticut (CT) by Illusione Cigars

COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 207: 2.0-Mile Cigar
 Connecticut, Dion Giolito, Ecuadorian Connecticut, Illusione, Illusione Cigars, Rothchildes When time is short and rich tobacco flavors are required… this Rothchildes Connecticut (CT) by Illusione Cigars hits the spot… and is now one of my favorites to include in the Cigar Rotation.

This Illusione Rothchides warmed up my palette on this morning’s Cigar Walk for a couple of other cigars that I had been waiting to smoke a little later this morning over with the Fellas at Sellwood Cigar.

It seems as though I’ve hit my stride with the Illusione Brand of cigars… I haven’t had a bad experience with any of the ones I’ve been smoking lately.

What say you?

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Stay Chill

COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 102: 2.0-Mile Cigar
 Connecticut, Dion Giolito, Ecuadorian Connecticut, Illusione, Illusione Cigars, Rothchildes I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I’ve smoked this dandy of a cigar in the Rothchildes *r* Connecticut by Illusione Cigars. I had a sore knee this morning so I was only going to be able to handle a short Cigar Walk and this Rothchildes CT fit the bill perfectly.

I’ve been a fan of the Illusione brand for some time now and it appears that my fondness continues to increase… with the discovery of more of Dion Giolito’s tobacco blends and creations. This cigar did not disappoint… as a matter of fact, I think it’s time to purchase some more for the TupperDor.

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Stay Chill

As Connecticut wrapped cigars go these days, this is one of few that deliver more than typical “mild” flavors.

Coffee, graham cracker, wood, and leather is how this fine Illusione Rothchildes expresses itself to me this morning.

A delicious way to start my day; I’m glad I choose to start with this today.

Smoking this hour-long cigar brought me a smooth creamy journey with some cocoa and pepper along the way.

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Connecticut, Ecuadorian Connecticut, Illusione, Rothchildes04/09/2019
It’s been way too long since I’ve smoke one of these. Today’s the day!

Wow! I don’t know why I don’t smoke the Illusione Rothchildes Connecticut more often. I haven’t smoked one of these since last October (2018).

It’s a super smooth, aromatic first cigar of the day and I’m lovin’ it. This has to get back into my regular rotation.

Once lit, creamy buttered toast with a touch of pepper spice on the retrohale.

At just past the halfway point, approaching the last third, flavors of wood (oak) ramp up with a smooth finish. As long as I can control the frequency of my puffs, the better the Illusione Rothchildes behaves. The more aggressive I puff the bitter flavors have a chance to come into being… I don’t want that!

I will be making sure this gets back into my rotation, especially with better weather around the corner. this could become my golfing cigar.

Smoke time, one-hour for this smallish cigar.

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The Experience

Ash: Even
Draw: Perfect
Smoke Output: Thick
Flavor: Earthy
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium
Finish: Simple
Value: Excellent
Overall Rating (1-5): 4

The Cigar

Chocolate: 2
Earthy: 3
Leather: 2
Pepper: 2