Aganorsa Leaf
Rare Leaf Reserve Robusto by Aganorsa Leaf

Vitola: Robusto
Length: 5.25
Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Aganorsa
Binder: Nicaraguan Aganorsa
Filler: Nicaraguan Aganorsa
Factory: Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA)
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source: Sellwood Cigar
Date Purchased: March 1, 2021
Price: $12.00
Date Smoked: February 12, 2024
Quantity: 1

Rare Leaf Reserve Robusto by Aganorsa Leaf


COVID-19 Day 569
Oh me, Oh my! … Finally, I’m rewarded with a specimen of the Rare Leaf Reserve Robusto by Aganorsa Leaf that has a decent draw; this one happened to be perfect!

I knew this Rare Leaf Reserve had potential after struggling through a few of these over the past few months… this one was a revelation!

Once lit, creamy smoke of malty chocolate, espresso, cedar, and espresso makes me very happy

I just hope the next one I decide to smoke performs as well as this delivering those Aganorsa Leaf Tobacco flavors.

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COVID-19 Day 487
 Aganorsa Leaf, Aganorsa Tobacco, Criollo ’98, Rare Leaf Reserve, Robusto Today’s Rare Leaf Reserve in Robusto was a generous gift from BOTL Curran Fouts aka @PDXTravels this new blend from Aganorsa Leaf.

This Vitola of the Rare Leaf was especially enjoyable as I’ve mentioned before, the Toro Vitola has some draw issues… so, this is one of those times when smoking this “Premium” cigar that the draw is behaving as it should delivering tobacco flavors of slightly salty graham crackers, strong coffee, and cedar wood accompanied with a mild black pepper spice on the retrohale.

What a joy it is to be able to smoke a cigar that behaves, as it should!

Since I was able to pay attention to the tobacco flavors today instead of struggling with the draw, it came in a little short of my expectations with some “flat” tobacco flavors… maybe it was just that my palate was different or “off” today…

Until next time!

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COVID-19 Day 388
 Aganorsa Leaf, Aganorsa Tobacco, Criollo ’98, Rare Leaf Reserve, Robusto Today’s smoking experience with this Rare Leaf Reserve Robusto by Aganorsa Leaf was a bit different than the Rare Leaf Reserve Toro I initially smoked last February (2 months ago).

Where I started with a pretty snug draw with the Rare Leaf Reserve in Toro, this Robusto Vitola was wide open and “airy” requiring only a gentle “kiss” to receive any smoke. The flavor differences were pretty distinct between the two different Vitolas; where I got more deep rich earthy and leather notes after the halfway point of the Toro, this Robusto quickly delivered through its open draw tons of pepper spice (that I didn’t detect with the Toro) and cedar wood notes with a touch of buttery popcorn in the background.

I still have one of each Vitola that I’ll let rest for a bit longer and revisit this Rare Leaf Reserve Robusto and Toro… I can see the potential, but I’m uncertain in which direction it will take. FYI, I have reports from some that the draw has been inconsistent… We’ll see… Stay Tuned!

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“A constant challenge is utilizing tobaccos to create blends which are outstanding expressions of our signature flavor and aroma while still producing them in quantities viable to sustain production consistently rather than just as one-time limited editions or available only sporadically throughout the year.” says Terence Reilly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Rare Leaf will be the first project using selections of our Leaf in short supply that will be maintained in regular production. In order to achieve this, Rare Leaf will be available only to our Aganorsa Leaf Select retail partners.” – Blindmans Puff

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