Puro: Of Course, This Only Makes Sense

What is a Puro Cigar?
If a cigar is completely constructed (filler, binder, and wrapper) of tobacco produced in only one country, it is referred to in the cigar industry as a “Puro” or “Puro Cigar” from the Spanish word for “Pure.” (Puro Cigar: Wikipedia)

My Father, Le Bijou 1922, puro, Cigar Binder, Cigar Filler, Cigar Wrapper, Puro CigarAnd, I discovered this while performing my typical journey or quest to satisfy my curiosity of and for this new hobby of mine. So, I get to practice and engage my keen Google-Fu skills. I can find just about anything on the Internet!

Photo Right: My Father, Le Bijou 1922, Nicaraguan Tobacco Puro (Wrapper, Binder, and Filler)

As I mentioned a couple of days ago “Aganorsa and … So Many Different Cigar Tobaccos” this is a step-by-step; question-by-question; several cigars and notes later … Yep, I’m a Curious-Geek!

So, now I wonder … With what and how and is a cigar constructed?
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