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Thanks for Stopping by to Check Out Puff Sumo

We are mostly Cigar-Beginners at Puff Sumo. Heck, We’re ALL Cigar-Beginners Except for One of Us

This Website is an accounting of our reconnection and journey with many new Modern Cigars (small batch) since we were last paying attention. Please come and join us as we Reconnect, UnLearn, ReLearn, and Discover this fascinating hobby that has evolved in an outstanding way. There are so many new exciting Cigar Manufacturers, Artisans, and Tobacco Blenders. It’s time to catch up and “Chill”.

More than 30-years ago, I discovered my first cigar by way of then business mentor and first golf coach Robert Blank of Portland, Oregon and his roots to Bugs Bunny …  (that’s another story).

Back in the day, Sam’l J Davis, 1886 cigars were the best 25¢ cigars you could purchase and afford to smoke on the golf course and that my friend, was my humble beginning with this fine hobby of Cigars; the best way I know to stay out of trouble.

We Are Not “Cigar” Experts … Just Hope to Be One Someday
If you’d like your spot on the Puff Sumo Website, just let us know. Please Join Us.


Who Are the Sumos

Puff Sumo was created around all “things” creative and innovative.

Because that’s how we “Roll”

If you haven’t discovered that “Coding” is the wave of Today,  Tomorrow, … and Way into YOUR future …

Come hang out with us and learn a thing or two

We have top financial talent amongst us and always challenging our way of thinking …. and ours to his

So, we might ask; “Is this a good Modern Business Model”?

Better yet … Let’s create something NEW

Connect with us at one of our Hangouts

Our Sumo Skills

Internet Marketers 90
Coders: HTML/CSS and much more … 95
Visual Communicators 85
CEO / CFO / CIO Talent 75

What We’re Smokin’ … Right Now

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