Alec Bradley Cigars
Prensado Robusto by Alec Bradley Cigars

Vitola: Robusto
Length: 5.0
Gauge: 50

Wrapper: Honduran Trojes Corojo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran
Blender/Creator: Alan Rubin, President/CEO of Alec Bradley Cigars
Factory: Fábrica de Tabacos Raíces Cubanas S. de R.L Honduras
Country: Honduras
Purchase Source: Timber Valley Tobaccos
Date Purchased: March 27, 2018
Price: 12.5$
Date Smoked: September 4, 2023
Quantity: 11

Prensado Robusto by Alec Bradley Cigars


Today I get to smoke this circa 2018 version this Honduran Trojes Corojo-wrapped beauty in Robusto. From the start, through a perfect draw come creamy smooth tobacco flavors of cedar, dark coffee, chocolate with a subtle finish of leather. The retrohale greets me with a nice pepper spice on the finish.

Second Third:
Moving into the second act of this cigar, the transitions are like a well-choreographed dance. The pepper, still present but more restrained, takes a backseat to a delightful mix of coffee and dark chocolate. It’s like sipping a rich mocha by a campfire.

Construction remains top-notch, with the burn line staying razor-sharp. The ash holds on, and the draw maintains its ideal balance. As for the retrohale, that gentle spice continues to provide a subtle kick, enhancing the overall experience.

Final Third:
In the final stretch, the Prensado doesn’t disappoint. The coffee and dark chocolate notes become more pronounced, creating a harmonious blend that’s both comforting and satisfying. There’s a nutty undertone that adds an extra layer of intrigue, like nibbling on almonds.

The construction throughout this journey has been nothing short of exemplary. The cigar keeps its composure, and the burn remains consistently even. The retrohale, though still spicy, never overwhelms, providing that perfect balance.

In conclusion, the Prensado by Alec Bradley is a true classic for a reason. It starts with a peppery punch and then takes you on a flavorful journey through cedar, leather, coffee, and dark chocolate. The transitions are well-executed, and the construction is impeccable. Plus, that retrohale adds just the right amount of spice to keep things interesting. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or just starting your cigar adventure, the Prensado is a solid choice that won’t disappoint.

COVID-19 Day 673:

 Alec Bradley, Cigar of the Year, Honduran Corojo, Honduran Trojes, Honduras, Prensado, Robusto What a treat to be able to select this award-winning Alec Bradley Prensado in Robusto today.

I should be smoking these more often since I found a stash of these and stocked up… Through a perfect straight-cut draw, heavenly earthy tobacco flavors of coffee, cocoa, and leather always put a smile on my palate!

Until next time…
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COVID-19 Day 484
 Alec Bradley, Cigar of the Year, Honduran Corojo, Honduran Trojes, Honduras, Prensado, Robusto   Today, I got reacquainted with this Award-Winning Cigar of the Year (2011)… in this Entubado (Entubar) rolled Prensado in Robusto by Alec Bradley Cigars.

I have to credit this Award-Winning Prensado by Alec Bradley Cigars for welcoming me back into the Cigar Hobby, as one of the first premium cigars that I smoked upon my return to the Hobby… From here I found an appreciation for “Small Batch” cigars. This is the moment when I woke up and slowly started … and still learning to appreciate and identify those tobacco flavors that become characteristic of any particular cigar blend. Thus, I learned how to pay attention to garner the flavors of a “Premium Cigar”.

So, today’s smoking experience provided those familiar tobacco flavors of earthy leather, coffee, and cocoa with a decent black pepper spice on the retrohale. By the time I approached the second third, I was convinced that I was smoking a Chocolate Malted Milkshake!

Smoke time 90 minutes.

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COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 398: 3.0-Mile Cigar
 Alec Bradley, Cigar of the Year, Honduran Corojo, Honduran Trojes, Honduras, Prensado, Robusto I spoiled myself today with this 2011 “Cigar Aficionado” Cigar of the Year… What a treat for this morning’s 3.5-Mile Cigar Walk with this delicious and satisfying Alec Bradley Prensado in Robusto by Alec Bradley Cigars.

Right from the beginning… I was transported to the Prensado’s rich well-rounded mix of earthy, leather, black coffee, cocoa, and oaky tobacco flavors bringing a smug smile to my enjoyment on this morning’s trek.

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COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 129: 3.0-Mile Cigar
Alec Bradley, Cigar of the Year, Honduran Corojo, Honduran Trojes, Honduras, Prensado, Robusto I was pleasantly surprised this morning when this Prensado in Robusto took me every bit of 3-Miles on today’s Cigar Walk.

Truth be told, I was vetting this newer blend of the Prensado because I recently purchased some “Aged” version similar to the Prensado in the picture below (06/07/2020) that came from one of my first cigars purchased when I rejoined this Cigar Hobby. Check out the difference in the two bands; from the newer version I smoked today and the one below that I purchased in 2018.

I’ll probably blaze another one from the new acquisitions soon, maybe next week… Stay tuned!

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COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 77: 2.0-Mile Cigar
Alec Bradley, Cigar of the Year, Honduran Corojo, Honduran Trojes, Honduras, Prensado, Robusto I amaze myself or I should say… I’m amazed every time I smoke this awesome cigar in the “Prensado” in Robusto by Alec Bradley.

Today was no different as this Alec Bradley Prensado and I welcomed the sunrise this morning on the last leg of my 5-Mile Cigar Walk.

I’m down to my last few Prensados in Robusto that I purchased in 2018, so I better purchase some more so I can save a couple of these “Aged” cigars.

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First cigar of 2020


Alec Bradley, Cigar of the Year, Honduran Trojes, Honduras, PrensadoI’ve had several Alec Bradley Prensado cigars since my return to the cigar hobby (February 2018) and I haven’t had one that disappoints.

Once lit, chocolate reinforces what I experienced on the cold draw, earthy tobacco, leather, vanilla, and chocolate greet me.

This is a beautiful cigar to look at and admire with its dark smooth Corojo Leaf (2006) wrapper from the Trojes region in Honduras. The Corojo Leaf is fast becoming one of my favorite wrappers.

The Alec Bradley comes close to hitting all my flavor checkboxes, so it’s still a “winner” for my TupperDor.

Stay Chill
Stay Smoky

I’ve smoked a ton of these Prensados. I don’t know why I haven’t shared anything yet…

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The Experience

Ash: Even
Draw: Perfect
Smoke Output: Thick
Flavor: Earthy
Strength: Medium/Full
Body: Medium/Full
Finish: Complex
Value: Good
Overall Rating (1-5): 4

The Cigar

Chocolate: 4
Coffee: 3
Cream: 3
Earthy: 2
Leather: 3
Pepper: 2