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Those who know me or work with me know that I’m an early riser as in 02:00-03:00a type early, that’s why Cigars are my perfect companion; allow me to explain…

It dawned on me with my early morning routine, not only am I ahead of the “game” with most folks, I’m also discovering a whole new world that is awake and engaged at the same time of the morning all over the 360° world. #Sweet!

My Perfect Companion and Discovery

So, my efficient and most effective day starts very early before most and I’m able to get things off my To-Do List by working straight through except for food and bathroom breaks. By 08:00a or 09:00a (six-hours straight) I’m ready to go do something fun and engaging … translation; not working (non-billable hours) and usually learning something new or catching up on my reading or watching and learning from Webinars or Videos (YouTube).

And, Eureka, it came to me. As I recently discovered that an old Buddy of mine took over the lease at the old Shilo Inn, (The Mark). It is now “The Chamber at 9900”. Jason has done a great job in the year that he’s opened this cigar lounge; this has to be one of the cleanest (Best) Cigar Lounges with GREAT FOOD in Portland and better yet, it’s only 7 minutes away from my Adobe; Life is Good.

The Sakamoto Office Evolves

The Chamber at 9900, Sakamoto OfficeI REALIZED that instead of doing my reading and webinars in my morning office, I could go to The Chamber while at the same time, enjoy a cigar while educating myself. Productivity at it’s best … Life is Good!

New “Learning” and Brainstorming Office Hours are now 10:00a – 01:00p, most days at The Chamber at 9900. See you around if you don’t turn square.

Oh, and if you need me downtown, there’s always Nedspace (SW Broadway and Washington).