Padron Cigars
Padrón Family Reserve 50 Years Natural by Padrón Cigars

Vitola: Toro (BP)
Length: 6.0
Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaragua
Factory: Tabacos Cubanica S.A.
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source: Rip Larson
Date Purchased: October 10, 2022
Price: Gift
Date Smoked: July 9, 2023
Quantity: 0

Padrón Family Reserve 50 Years Natural  by Padrón Cigars

This is m first ti,e smoking this much acclaimed cigar. Let;s get her going.

Once lit, the Padrón Family Reserve 50 Year Natural, the initial draws reveal pepper, and cedar tobacco flavors through a very generous draw that now that I’ve smoked a few of these Padrons, I can safely say that the draw characteristics belong to “ Padron” cigars. The wrapper imparts a subtle sweetness that harmonizes with the earthy undertones of the Nicaraguan tobacco. Retrohaling adds a pleasant spice that accentuates the flavors, enhancing the overall complexity.

Moving into the second third, the Padrón Family Reserve 50 Year Natural continues to provide plenty of cedar tobacco flavors with the addition of roasted coffee beans, leather, and a faint sweetness of black cherries. The Nicaraguan tobacco blend displays its prowess, providing a full-bodied and robust character that entices with every puff. Retrohaling further intensifies the experience, adding a delightful kick of pepper spice and accentuating the richness of the flavors.

At the the final third of the Padrón Family Reserve 50 Year Natural, the complexity reaches its peak. The dark chocolate notes become more pronounced, intertwining with hints of caramel and a subtle nuttiness. The Nicaraguan tobacco blend delivers a smooth and balanced smoke, showcasing its maturity and craftsmanship. Retrohaling amplifies the spice, delivering a satisfying finish that lingers on the palate.

In summary, the Padrón Family Reserve 50 Years Natural is a masterpiece of Nicaraguan craftsmanship. The Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and filler come together harmoniously, creating a symphony of flavors throughout each third. From the initial draw to the final puff, this cigar delights with its notes of dark chocolate, espresso, cedar, roasted coffee beans, leather, and black pepper. The retrohale adds an extra dimension, elevating the spice and enhancing the overall experience.

The Experience

Ash: Even
Draw: Perfect
Smoke Output: Thick
Flavor: Earthy
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium
Finish: Complex
Value: Fair
Overall Rating (1-5): 4

The Cigar

Chocolate: 2
Coffee: 3
Cream: 3
Earthy: 4
Leather: 3
Pepper: 2