My Father Cigars
My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars

Vitola: Robusto
Length: 5.2
Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender/Creator: Jaime /Don Pepin Garcia
Factory: My Father Cigars, Esteli, Nicaragua
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source:
Date Purchased: April 22, 2018
Price: 9.00
Date Smoked: March 20, 2023
Quantity: 12

My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars


COVID-19 Day 756
 Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, My Father, My Father No. 1, Nicaragua, No. 1, Robusto Behold the My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars is by far one of my favorite “Standby” cigars to have in the TupperDor at all times!

I think I’ve sung the praises of this outstanding “pillar” in the Cigar World enough along with a ton of you out there that appreciate the core tobacco flavors of cedar, dark coffee, chocolate, and pepper that this beauty brings.

Today was no different as I smugly luxuriated in this cigar’s exquisite tobacco flavors… satisfyingly perfect!

I can’t wait until the next time!

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COVID-19 Day 638
 Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, My Father, My Father No. 1, Nicaragua, No. 1, Robusto It’s no secret… I love this cigar! The My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars has been in my Cigar-Rotation ever since I discovered it in 2018.

Today’s appreciation of this beefy cigar is a solid testament to its construction and performance that provides thick chewy smoke and delivers full-bodied savory, salty tobacco flavors of dark coffee, cedar, pepper spice, and leather with a decent pepper spice on the retrohale.

How much do I love this cigar…? Lots! I know I’ll have another in a month or so…

Smoke Time: 90 minutes

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COVID-19 Day 510
 Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, My Father, My Father No. 1, Nicaragua, No. 1, Robusto I decided… or I probably should say that I realized that I haven’t sat down with this delicious and probably one of my favorite My Father blends since 2019! Today, I’m going to luxuriate with this My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars,

After a snip and cut, a perfect cold draw delivers slightly sweet molasses and cedar… Once lit, through creamy rich smoke delivering sweet earthy coffee, cedar, and a touch of leather with the Don Pepin pepper spice on the retrohale.

Some vanilla and cedar tobacco flavors may have appeared at the last third, but hey, I’m not taking any more notes on this … remember, I’m luxuriating with this excellent and Box Worthy My Father No. 1 (Robusto) today!

Stay Smoky
Stay Chill

COVID-19 Day 435: 3.5-Mile Cigar
 Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, My Father, My Father No. 1, Nicaragua, No. 1, RobustoThis affordably-priced My Father No. 1 (Robusto) performs like a virtuoso every time I’ve sparked it. Perfectly constructed and draped in a flawless Ecuadorian hybrid wrapper, the My Father No.1 offers a solid performance in an even burn, and full-bodied and complex smoke, with well-balanced flavors of Don Pepin spices, cedar, coffee, leather, and a slight note of brown sugar sweetness.

Definitely Box Worthy and deserves to be in the Cigar Rotation

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COVID-19 Day 386: 3.5-Mile Cigar

COVID-19 Day 226: 3.0-Mile Cigar
It’s always a great morning when I get to take one of the My Father No. 1s (Robusto) by My Father Cigars with me on my daily Cigar-Walk. I know with confidence that this Ecuadorian Habano (Rosado) wrapped cigar will deliver on its superb construction right down to the Nub.

And, this morning’s experience was no different! I can’t wait until the next time.

Box Worthy!

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COVID-19 Day 191: 3.0-Mile Cigar
 Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, My Father, My Father No. 1, Nicaragua, No. 1, Robusto There’s a reason that I look forward to smoking the My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars in the Sakamoto Cigar-Rotation… there simply is no other when comes to outstanding tobacco flavor and performance in an affordable package.

I have never been disappointed in this My Father No. 1 (Robusto) except when I smoke it too fast.

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COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 113: 4.0-Mile Cigar
A “Tried and True” performer in the My Father No. 1 (Robusto) by My Father Cigars. This cigar was Love at first puff… and I’ve never looked back

Stay Smoky
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COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 57: 4.0-Mile Cigar
Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, My Father, My Father No. 1, Nicaragua, No. 1, Robusto It’s not like I needed another reason to love the My Father No. 1 cigar.

On this morning’s 4.35-Mile Cigar-Walk, this fabulous Robusto lasted all of 4-Miles right down to the delicious nub. What more can I say about this that I haven’t already?

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I think I should just declare that the My Father No. 1 Robusto cigar is the perfect cigar for any time smoking! I don’t have to be in the “mood” to want this fabulous cigar. I’ll welcome this cigar anytime. #Favorite

Full earthy tobacco flavors and a slight spice on the retrohale keep me smiling and in my zone. #SakamotoHappy

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 Ecuadorian Habano, My Father, No. 1, RobustoOn My Father Mondays, I look forward to pulling the My Father No. 1 cigar for my perfect “first” morning cigar to start the day.

No surprises for me today with one of my “tried-and-true” companions. Thick dry chewy smoke brings spicy cedar and earthy flavors and the Don Pepin pepper spice on the retrohale.

Thick and satisfying chewy smoke keep me company for almost two hours while I sit back and enjoyed this complex cigar during my morning reading at the Chamber at 9900.

I absolutely love this savory cigar for my first one of the day.

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I’ve smoked and enjoyed several of these enough to have purchased over 20 of these fantastic cigars. I don’t know why I haven’t shared my experience yet.

First, I discovered quickly upon my return to the cigar hobby that the My Father Cigars brand has developed and earned their stellar reputation during my absence.

The My Father No. 1 is a great example of that reputation. Once lit, volumes of My Father’s typical chewy smoke greet me. The draw on this cigar is a little tighter than usual but does not become an issue later on; just a couple of touch-ups.

Suffice to say, tons of dry complex flavors swirl around my palate, delicious earthy, leather, and sweet cocoa in the background. There isn’t much spice to speak of on the retrohale.

Smooth chewy earthy leather smoke full of complex flavors to keep you occupied… or not. This cigar is a keeper

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The Experience

Ash: Even
Draw: Perfect
Smoke Output: Thick
Flavor: Earthy
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium/Full
Finish: Complex
Value: Good
Overall Rating (1-5): 4

The Cigar

Chocolate: 3
Coffee: 2
Cream: 2
Earthy: 3
Grass/Hay: 3
Leather: 3
Pepper: 2