La Imperiosa, Crowned Heads, Drew Estate, J.D. Howard Reserve, Jon Huber, La Coalición, La Willy Herrera, Willy HerreraI must have at least six (6) different cigars and as many different vitolas of many memorable Crowned Heads cigars that I’ve collected and smoked in the past year since my return to the cigar hobby. All from an introduction to this cigar brand by none other than “Cigar Concierge” Jeff Martinez at Sellwood Cigar in Portland, Oregon.

This morning I awoke from another cigar dream only this time I was craving flavors of my recent memories from cigars of Crowned Heads; La Imperiosa, Four Kicks Maduro, Jericho Hill, Le Careme… J.D. Howard Reserve. Yeah, I’m craving a J.D. Howard Reserve this morning, that’s what I awoke wanting…

Yesterday, while watching interviews with Jon Huber (Crowned Heads) and then another with Willy Herrera (Drew Estate) at this year’s 2019 IPCPR cigar trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, I perked up at the mention of their new collaboration on the way.

I Can’t Wait to Add Another Memorable Crowned Heads Cigar

Here’s what’s inside of what appears to be another awesome cigar from the new Crowned Heads and Drew Estate collaboration. Introducing, the La Coalición.

Wrapper: U.S.A. (Connecticut Broadleaf)
Binder: Undisclosed (Sumatra)
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

It appears that this will be a premium priced cigar, but, oh well… sometimes you have to give ($) to get.

Willy Herrera, I’m Always Watching for Your New Blends

Crowned Heads, Drew Estate, J.D. Howard Reserve, Jon Huber, La Coalición, La Willy Herrera, Willy HerreraIf you follow me on Instagram (@PuffSumo) I recently posted about my desire to pursue a couple of Willy Herrera cigars that are new to me, the Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Brazilian Maduro, and the Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Miami. Both have been out for a while, I just haven’t found the time to pursue them. Now it appears that I will have ample reason to find and seek another Willy Herrera cigar via his collaboration with Jon Huber and Crowned Heads.

Anyway, here’s to discovering new flavors and cigar blends!

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