Luciano Cigars (A.C.E. Prime)
ACE Prime Maria Lucia by Luciano Cigars (A.C.E. Prime)

Vitola: Churchill
Length: 7.0
Gauge: 46

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender/Creator: Luciano Meirelles
Factory: Tabacalera Pichardo
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source: Curren Fouts
Date Purchased: November 7, 2022
Price: Gift
Date Smoked: February 2, 2024
Quantity: 9

ACE Prime Maria Lucia by Luciano Cigars (A.C.E. Prime)


First Third:
The moment you ignite this beauty, it’s like a sultry tango between your lips and the flame. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper wraps itself around the cigar like a velvet glove. Smooth, dark, and mysterious.

The initial puffs are like a whispered promise: earthy, with a hint of cocoa. You know, the kind of flavor that makes you lean back in your chair and contemplate life’s mysteries. The Ecuadorian Sumatra binder adds a nuanced tobacco flavors, like a secret rendezvous in a dimly lit jazz club. And the Nicaraguan filler? Well, it’s the rhythm section—the backbone that keeps this dance going.

Second Third:
As we waltz into the second third, the flavors start to shimmy and sway. The earthiness deepens, like sinking your toes into damp soil after a summer rain. But wait, what’s that? A flirtatious note of black pepper sneaks in, teasing your palate. It’s like the cigar just whispered, “Hey, remember me?” And you do. Oh, you do. The retrohale? Picture this: a slow exhale, eyes half-closed, and suddenly you’re in a cozy library, surrounded by old leather-bound books. The smoke curls around your senses, leaving traces of cedar and nostalgia.

Final Third:
We’ve reached the grand finale—the crescendo of flavors. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, now warm and slightly oily, releases its final secrets. Dark chocolate. It’s like biting into a square of 70% cocoa bliss. The Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, ever the chaperone, keeps things balanced—sweetness and spice in perfect harmony. Rich, robust, and unapologetic. The retrohale? Oh, my dear connoisseurs, it’s a whispered promise fulfilled—a lingering memory of a night well spent.

Smoke Time: 90 minutes

COVID-19 Day 994:
 A.C.E. Prime Cigars, Ecuador Pelo De Oro, Ecuadorian Sumatra, Luciano Meirelles, Luciano The Traveler This was my first time with this delicious and extremely satisfying Maria Lucia by Luciano Cigars (A.C.E. Prime). A generous gift from BOTL Curran Fouts at Sellwood Cigar.

With a snip with my V-Cutter and a light, and I’m on my way to a cigar-smoking journey with this beautiful-looking Maria Lucia cigar.

From a fairly open draw, this ACE Prime Maria Lucia by Luciano Cigars (A.C.E. Prime) delivers earthy milk chocolate, leather, and black pepper. The retrohale reminds me of malted chocolate with a black pepper finish… this Maria Lucia cigar is off to a great start!

At the halfway point and I’ve decided that this cigar is a keeper! … the aforementioned tobacco flavors keep coming along with a dry bready texture that accompanies the ever-present earthy chocolate tobacco flavors and now coffee has made an appearance along with the leather.  The retrohale brings black pepper flavors, but a white pepper zing…. Go figure!

The construction and the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper were flawless… milk chocolate smooth with hardly any visible seams… the burn was perfect needing no touch-up.

Smoke Time: 1.25 Hours

I can’t wait to smoke this again!

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