The Sumo’s propose a continuation and further promotion of Lancero February for Sellwood Cigar (marketing) that has been supported and possibly originated by Mark Dikeos aka @bmwMark of Portland Motorsports in Portland, Oregon.

That’s an “IF” you have enough Lancero Cigars in your “current” inventory to support and fuel this proposal.

How it works

Of course, Sellwood Cigar can do this independently of the Sumos or any other “Multipliers” (those who would further promote your content via “Internet” shares, reposts, individual blog and/or social media posts). But, realize; this would be a singular effort and dependent on your current social media multipliers, not a “collaborated-marketing-effort”.

What We Would Do Daily During the Month of February
Lancero February, Lancero Brother , Lancero A Day February, Lancero Pimp, Mark Dikeos, Sellwood Cigar, bmwMark, Ralph Larson, Scott Sakamoto, Puff Sumo, Ralph SumoWhat we would do is publish Lancero-cigar-content Daily about one Lancero cigar provided by Sellwood Cigar on the three main Social Media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (at least once per day) of which Sellwood Cigars has a presence although two of them are seldom utilized.

The Content
Simply, one post per day multiplied by how many Sumos participate; content that speaks to Lancero Cigars that are available at Sellwood Cigar for sale (FYI, your website is not secure. e.g. https vs http)

Sellwood Cigar’s Cost
28-Lancero Cigars x (2 or 3) = Scott, Ralph, and Mark?).
– Maximum expense 84 Lancero-Cigars

Sellwood Lancero Promotion

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