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Illusione ~hl~ Holy Lance Lancero Candela by Illusione Cigars

Vitola: Lancero
Length: 7.5
Gauge: 40

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Candela
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender/Creator: Dion Giolito
Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Raíces Cubanas S. de R.L.
Country: Honduras
Purchase Source: Illusione Cigar Company
Date Purchased: September 28, 2019
Price: Replacement Gift
Date Smoked: February 16, 2023
Quantity: 0

Illusione ~hl~ Holy Lance Lancero Candela by Illusione Cigars

 Candela, Candela Lancero, Claro, Dion Giolito, HL, Holy Lance, Illusione, Lancero, Nicaraguan Claro Thru a perfect draw come oodles of rich-tasting smoke of earthy tobacco flavors and black pepper that’s also echoed on the retrohale.

I look forward to this annual celebration of Lancero Cigars in February’s “Lancero-Fecbruary” when I get to spark some cigars that I wouldn’t normally select. A perfect way to try something new to smoke…

I already know what this cigar will bring and I’m looking forward to luxuriating with this “green” specimen that has been marinating in the TupperDor since 02.2020… 

So now’s a good time to bid adieu until next year.

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COVID-19 Day 708:
 Candela, Candela Lancero, Claro, Dion Giolito, HL, Holy Lance, Illusione, Lancero, Nicaraguan Claro I’ve been looking forward to this last day of February all month to enjoy the familiar flavors of oak and leather with a zingy white pepper spice on the retrohale from this delicious and delectable ~hl~ Holy Lance Lancero Candela by Illusione Cigars. This is not your usual “Candela Cigar”!

As I puff my way to the second third, I’m rewarded with some bready notes with a nice leather finish and I’m diggin’ it!

Horrors, Operator-Error… I pulled this directly from the TupperDor this morning, so I validated that Dry aging does help. I’ve been relighting this every time I put it down for any length of time. Oh well, live and learn.

Nonetheless, an enjoyable time with this long skinny Illusione Candela cigar. I have a couple left in the TupperDor that are well beyond “Aged”… they have the pre 2016 Cigar Band on them.

Until next time…
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Candela, Candela Lancero, Claro, Dion Giolito, HL, Holy Lance, Illusione, Lancero, Nicaraguan Claro A snip and a straight cut of the pig tailed triple cap of the Illusione ~hl~ Holy Lance Lancero Candela got me going this morning.

Since I’ve dedicated this St Patrick’s week to smoking candela-wrapped cigars, I’m about to come to the conclusion that there’s a slight sweetness in this cigar that I’ve been tasting. Though not overpowering… there seems to always be a breath of sweetness with the first few puffs and up to the halfway point. Today is no different.

First flavors at the beginning are slightly sweet earthy tobacco, oak, and black pepper. The retrohale offers these flavors with a nice well-rounded black pepper spice that makes for a lasting finish.

At the second third, black pepper flavors take over making way for a fuller-bodied smoke. This is not your typical candela… uniquely; I think this is typical for pretty much anything Dion blends…. “Not Typical”

At the final third, black pepper and leather take over along with the strength ramping up. The spice on the retrohale now tastes like that of white pepper.

Overall, this was a great lengthy smoke lasting two-hours now and I’m just now approaching the nub.

I purchased a few of these to smoke throughout the year with enough to bring back for next year’s Lancero February and this should be a staple for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

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On the second day of Lancero February, I’ll be smoking for the first time today the Illusione ~hl~ Holy Lance Lancero Candela.

Once lit, I quickly receive slightly sweet earthy tobacco with a touch of black pepper on my first few puffs. The retrohale is smooth and only “slightly” grassy; not enough to distract from typical Illusione flavors that I’ve come to enjoy and look forward to.

This is an elegant Smoking cigar! I am enjoying a leisurely time experiencing this excellent cigar.

Almost to the halfway point, the core earthy tobacco flavor is still keeping me company with the black pepper flavors ramping up in a delicious way. The retrohale is an accurate reflection of these flavors with very little spice if any at all.

I’m digging this cigar in a huge way. I’m pretty sure I’ll be smoking more of these before Lancero February 2021.

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