I got a hair up my you know what last week about my “cheap” hygrometers; something that I’ve been meaning to pay attention to…

What’s Up With My Hygrometers?

I thought I was sitting pretty good having recently organized my cigars into reasonably easy-to-find, labeled and in different sized sealable plastic (Tupperware type) containers each with their very own inexpensive (cheap) hygrometers.

I thought that was going to be it — Done, ready to do nothing but admire my collection and enjoy… Wrong. I forgot about my mild O.F.A.  (Obsession For Accountability). As I was admiring my stacks of plastic containers containing different bundles of recently acquired cigars, something hit me like a ton of glue and wouldn’t let go of my brain.

Why were some of the Hygrometers providing different readings when all had the adequate number of 69% Boveda Packs in them?

Not All TupperDors (Humidors) and Their Contents Are the Same

It dawned on me that there are too many variables in any particular TupperDor or Humidor setup. For one, I intentionally choose containers that were not airtight because I wanted my cigars to be able to breathe. Second, each container had a different number of cigars in them and finally, the “culprit”, the container that was the most off kilter with the rest was a larger cooler-type container where I stored my boxes of cigars… That explains it!

Hygrometers, Tupperdor, HumidorAfter collecting all my inexpensive hygrometers and sequestering them into one “Controlled and Humidified” airtight container, I found that most of these “cheap” hygrometers were within one or two points (+/- %) from each other; an acceptable range of accuracy (information) for me.

I also found a couple of YouTube.com videos from Boveda “Box Press” that did a pretty good job of leading a discussion of the “External” and “Internal” forces that could influence your cigar storage conditions.

I know I for one will probably following Bryan Glen’s example and using “humidification beads” for my larger containers.

Enjoy these and learn; I did.
From Boveda “Box Press”

Internal InfluencesExternal Influences

From Bryan Glenn, Cigar Obsessions

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