Yesterday, I was gifted a box-pressed Eiroa CBT (Capa Banda Tripa) Maduro, a Honduran Maduro Puro from Sumo Ralph. This was a first for me and a wonderful concept for a cigar, all Maduro. I’m in.

The Eiroa Maduro was a great cigar with immediate baking spice flavors (clove?) and deep rich dry cocoa and earth brought me into the zone with this box pressed cigar. The draw and smoke were perfectly satisfying.

And so it goes… Along the Way (Dō, Path)

Ralph Sumo and I were discussing the “Cigar Hobby” or as Ralph would say “Cigar Lifestyle”. As many of you might have hopefully experienced, there are many who enjoy sharing their cigar discoveries and enjoyment mostly handcrafted by Artisans who have made something of this Earth (aged-tobacco) worth sharing and talking about.

I have been fortunate to have been taught and lead by my Cigar Sensei (aka @bmwMark) to do just that, Explore, Discover, and Share. It is doubly rewarding to also meet new friends and colleagues “Along the Way”. Sumo Ralph is one of those.

Stay Chill
Stay Smokey