So bit-by-bit, I’m learning something new about the Cigar Language; Culture; the many different Cigar Tobaccos; every day I learn something new about this recently resurrected Cigar Hobby of mine.

I Can’t Stop Buying Cigars … and Doing Due Diligence

What does that mean? I suppose I could simplify my life and just throw my hard earned cash down and enjoy what I’ve just purchased; but NO, I’m a geek with curiosity, plus I want to be accountable for my spending and not let this get out of hand so I won’t get yelled at by my bookkeeper of 30-years.

What this means is that you get to see and hopefully enjoy this Website that I hope will provide some good information and knowledge for you if you follow us along the way and maybe, eventually you’ll come on board and introduce yourself to us. Please do not be a stranger … Say “Hi” once in a while.

More to the Geeky-Point, I “Need” to Know

Because of my “geekiness” as exclaimed to me by one of my Gardeners the other day, I often find myself in the weeds researching what only my strong Google-Fu (Masterful Internet Search Skills) can provide; or I’ll seek out “Cigar Sensei” aka @bmwMark (Instagram) instead; but only after I’ve researched the Topic; that way he and I can have a “real” meaningful and informed conversation.

All this “drilling-into-the-weeds” is because of my curiosity that dictated that I wanted to know what Aganorsa Tobacco was and everything else about this hobby that is so deep with culture and history and with a product from the Earth made by hand (at least what I consume).

AGANORSA umbrella. This acronym represents Agricola Ganadera Norteña S.A., a series of Nicaraguan farms owned by the Fernández family (Casa Fernández) that produce among the largest yields of Nicaraguan tobaccos, as well as some of the most highly acclaimed tobacco in the world.

I’ve also recently discovered, and all this makes perfect sense; Who were the Artisans (Tobacco Blenders) who created the particular cigar and who did they learn from; What Factory, of course, What Tobaccos were used; What unique qualities do different Tobaccos from the different Tobacco Growing Regions have? Those and many more questions that I need to know for myself in this quest to Respect the Art of the Cigar.

Stay Smoky