The other day I had to take my Bimmer (635csi) to the BMW Shop at Pacific Motorsports on S.E. Powell in Portland, Oregon home of Cigar Sensei, Mark Dikeos.

Whenever I have an opportunity to be present with Mark, I try to have my Cigar questions in order so I can quickly learn and advance my process with this new Cigar Hobby of mine. So, as it happened, I brought up the topic of Cigar Cutters since I recently discovered that I either lost my favorite super-sharp Davidoff Guillotine-Cutter that I’ve had for over 20-years or it’s lost somewhere in my briefcase.

So, I’ve been using my punch-cutter with great results instead while also aware that Sensei is a longtime advocate of his preferred “V-Cut” method; and then lo-and-behold, 40-years of experience demands my attention.

Pacific Motorsports, BMW Repair, BMW Service, Mark Dikeos,“I prefer that V-Cut because it gives my lips a little just that little bit more time on the wrapper and that’s flavor … That’s part of the experience” “And, if the tip gets plugged from tar, etc. I use the Guillotine-Cutter to cut off the problem area at the tip and good to go.”

Brilliant. That makes too much sense to me. Thank you Sensei aka Mark Dikeos for the Learning and the new Sticks
• Viva Republica, Advanced Warfare, Petite Corona⠀
• Crowned Heads, Le Careme, Cosacos

I can’t wait to try these. Did someone say Creamy Souffle? The Crowned Heads Le Creme was supposed to be created around a food theme. Sweet!

Stay Smokey!