Looking back through my daily Instagram posts, it looks as though I came back to the Cigar Hobby around February 2018 and have developed several new cigar resources as a result of discovering that an old buddy had taken over the lease at the old Shilo Inns cigar lounge and restaurant; now “The Chamber At 9900” or “The 9900”.

And, I’ve been having a blast since this discovery and with it, a renewed sense of sanity as this rejuvenated Cigar Hobby has kept me safe from my inner-demons and because of my curious nature of wanting to know as much about what I’m involved with, I’ve met and nurtured several new cigar resources along the way.

Cigar Sensei, Mark Dikeos, Pacific Motorsports, Portland OregonTried and true and no surprise to me; Cigar Sensei aka Mark Dikeos of Pacific Motorsports has always been a wealth of information to my questions as Mark has been instrumental in guiding me in this renewed hobby as he has also been the best at nudging me toward new “small-batch” cigars and learning to appreciate and become aware (study) the artisans of cigar creation and production (manufacturers).

The one way I know to learn is to read. The other, watch YouTube videos.

One thing leads to another and I for sure Google just about everything about a cigar before I purchase it. That’s what I call doing “Due Diligence” before I spend my hard-earned dollars. The one way I know to learn is to read the other, watch YouTube videos.

What’s interesting is that I recently wrote down the names and composition of my favorite cigars so far and guess what I found out… That’s another story to come soon. Hint: Can you say Connecticut Broadleaf?

Cigar Resources, It’s All About the Internet

 Portland Oregon, Sellwood Cigar, Jeff Martinez, I’ve been popping up here-and-there at Portland’s local cigar shops; all are about 45-minutes to an hour away from where I travel from in Beaverton, Oregon (about a two-hour round trip). In the process of introducing myself as a Cigar Hobbyist, I’ve tried to encourage Internet Communication with the “Managers” and “Owners” of these cigar stores with no success except for Jeff Martinez at Sellwood Cigar.

I suppose some shop owners might be put-off by my aggressive-curiosity, but remember, I’m not going to beg you to take my money. If you want my cigar-budget money… Communicate! Your “Privilege” and “Entitlements” go nowhere with me. “Get Real”!

I have found that for all my gentle prodding, the only Modern Business Person with an astute knowledge and understanding of how Modern Business works in conjunction with the Internet is Jeff Martinez at Sellwood Cigar… Jeff “Get’s It”. As a result, he and Sellwood Cigar get some of my cigar money too.

Jeff Martinez, Sellwood Cigar, Portland, OregonJeff and I are at the beginning of our relationship and after sharing with Jeff of what I’m looking to do in my progression of steps to get back into the cigar hobby; I have found Jeff to be helpful at suggesting cigars to add to my collection of “Mistresses”. Next week Jeff and I are going to spend some time together enjoying the “same” cigar. I wonder which one? Oh, and I’m picking up a box of “Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf Miami”, they finally arrived. One of my new Mistresses.

Additional Go-To Cigar Resources

In addition to asking both Mark and Jeff their opinions and suggestions of “What the Heck Should I Do?” I’ve also found several credible resources on the Internet. I have found that there are several Cigar Review Websites so don’t just trust my selections, find those who you can relate to and enjoy and ultimately trust. These are my current favorites spots to go to at this moment in time. You have to start somewhere.

Cigar Obsession
Not only is Bryan Glynn a down-to-earth kind of guy, he knows how to present (market) his content that I find credible understanding that these are his opinions and that mine and yours may differ. I follow Cigar Obsession on Facebook too, it’s a great way to meet new folks with the same interests (cigars) as you do. Thank you Bryan for all the work you do for the Cigar Community.

Should I Smoke This
I have to admit that it took me a while to get used to this guy’s abrupt syle, but a 60-second cigar review can be difficult if you don’t communicate quickly, so I “Get It’ and find this information useful.

Cut Light Smoke
I have to admit although I enjoy his well-tempered cigar reviews, it was hard to watch him stick the foot of a cigar up his nose to get the “proper” sniff. Didn’t need to see that… He also has a Website www.iRobusto.com that I should pay more attention to.

Cigar Aficionado Reviews
The King of Kings; when these guys speak… a lot of folks believe them

Being new again to the cigar hobby (I don’t think there were websites when I was last active, 20-years ago), this guy seems to have earned his credibility. Good place to start.

Cigar Reviews by the Katman
Like “Halfwheel, lots of good credible content that is only earned not given.

Stogie Review
Another credible site that provides good content.

There are tons of good review and cigar resource websites. I found that I stay with those that resonated with me the most and I’m sure you’ll do the same over time.

Stay Smoky!