JRE Tobacco
Aladino Corojo Toro by JRE Tobacco

Vitola: Toro
Length: 6.0
Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo
Binder: Honduran Corojo
Filler: Honduran Corojo
Blender/Creator: Julio Eiroa
Factory: Las Lomas
Country: Honduras
Purchase Source: Rip Ralph
Date Purchased: October 10, 2022
Price: Gift
Date Smoked: November 10, 2022
Quantity: 1

Aladino Corojo Toro by JRE Tobacco

COVID-19 Day 963
Aladino Corojo Reserva, Aladino Corojo Reserva Toro, Alandino, Corojo, Corojo Reserva, Honduras, JRE Tobacco, Toro Eureka… I thought I had smoked this Aladino Corojo Toro by JRE Tobacco before, but I guess not… today was the day!

Through a decent draw with just the correct amount of resistance delivered creamy natural tobacco flavors of cedar, with a splash of coffee and a leather finish. The retrohale gives me some zingy pepper spice right up front.

At the second third… almost the halfway point, the creaminess still continues with the cedar flavors coming more into the forefront while the leather ramps up. The retrohale still delivers enough zing to keep it interesting.

I’m at the last third and all I can say is this is more like it! Ramped-up tobacco flavors will take me the rest of the way. The cedar is clearly the main feature of this cigar.

I haven’t been partial to many JRE Aladino cigars since someone on their crew Stole one of my images a couple of years ago… I sparked this today because I had found it deep in the TupperDor and decided to give it a spin. While this is a beautifully constructed cigar… almost flawless, this Corojo blend was OK and I’d smoke it again, but it wasn’t really resonating with me… perhaps the Maduro version will speak to me better… we’ll see.

Smoke Time: 90 minutes

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Earthy: 2
Fruit: 1
Grass/Hay: 3