Aging Room by Boutique Blends (Altadis)
Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo (Robusto)

Vitola: Espressivo (Robusto)
Length: 5.0
Gauge: 50

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender/Creator: Raphael Nodal and Jochi Blanco
Factory: Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua S.A.
Country: Nicaragua
Purchase Source:
Date Purchased: May 29, 2020
Price: $7.00
Date Smoked: November 27, 2020

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo (Robusto)

COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 251: 3.25-Mile Cigar
What a gorgeous cigar in this 2019 Award-Winning Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo (Robusto). Through a perfect draw needing no double puffs in this crisp morning air for a full 3.2-Miles. Hitting my Fitness Goals this morning!

This Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo (Robusto) was a delight to smoke and I can’t wait to smoke it again

Stay Smoky
Stay Chill

COVID-19 Cigar Walk, Day 90: 2.25-Mile Cigar
2019 Cigar of the Year, Aging Room, Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo, Quattro Nicaragua, Robusto Today was my first time smoking this Vitola of the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo (Robusto). I’ve smoked the award-winning version (Maestro, Torpedo) a month ago creating a good and worthwhile smoking experience, so I was really curious to see what this smaller size had to offer on this morning’s Cigar Walk.

And, as I was hoping… deep rich tobacco flavors fitting of an award-winning cigar… I can’t wait to let these rest for a bit more and blaze another one, maybe in a couple of months.

Stay Smoky
Stay Chill

The Experience

Ash: Even
Draw: Perfect
Smoke Output: Medium
Flavor: Earthy
Strength: Mild/Medium
Body: Medium
Finish: Simple
Value: Good
Overall Rating (1-5): 3

The Cigar

Chocolate: 3
Coffee: 2
Cream: 2
Earthy: 3
Leather: 2
Pepper: 1