Cameron DeKany, 82nd Ave., 82nd Avenue Cigar and PipeI had the opportunity to visit 82nd Avenue Cigar and Pipe for the second time last Thursday. The first time I visited at the beginning of May, I met Cameron DeKany (manager) who led me to my current love of Curivari Gloria de Leon cigars. After buying a couple of Curivari sticks to vet, I’ve been waiting and wanting to return so that I could return the favor and “Respect” Cameron for turning me on to these awesome Curivari sticks and purchase a box of these from him instead of what I could do for less online (protecting my Karma).

Curivari, Gloria de Leon, ProminenteBesides, who else have I met who is as passionate and willing to share their amazing depth of knowledge and information about this perfect “escapist” hobby that I’ve been getting reconnected with once again and just in the nick of time too, to help me preserve my sanity during these CRAZY Times in a CRAZY World.

Field Trip

Prominente, Curivari, Gloria Leon So, last Thursday Kurt Sussman and I planned a Field Trip to the Garden Spout Portland and threw 82nd Avenue Tobacco and Pipe onto the itinerary too since we were going to be in that part of Portland (eastside). Since I live in Beaverton, Oregon this would normally be a two-hour round trip, so I try to include as many errands or stops along the way to be as efficient while burning as little “fossil fuels” as possible… that’s just how I “Roll”.

And … I got my box of Gloria de Leon Prominentes. #SakamotoHappy

Curivari, Gloria de Leon, Prominente